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In The Lion's Paw

ISBN  978-0-9745650-3-3
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Detail Desc:   In thoroughly researched detail, Walker examines the daily life and historical events through the eyes of Rise, a young Cherokee girl.Rise lives through this tumultuous time, first within the security of a Moravian mission, then in the mass protest meetings of Cherokee leaders as they attempt to save their lands. Overwhelmed, crushed by the “lion’s paw,” some 16,000 Cherokees are forced from their homes and lands by soldiers, then herded into crowded camps along the Tennessee River. This was the first movement on the infamous “Trail of Tears.” After a long
delay, Rise and her detachment of wagons begin their trek to the west through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois, during a bitter freezing winter, to reach the Mississippi River. There, many freeze to death or die from exhaustion and disease. Her brother, then the horse can go no farther, and finally Rise herself collapses. Walker examines the many dilemmas faced by Rise and the Cherokees. They attempted to embrace the ways of the modernizing world but also the traditions of the Cherokee past. They struggled to maintain order in Cherokee country as the first American gold rush attracted hoards of gold seekers. Some of their leaders attempted to persuade them to move west, as others urged them to resist removal. Many hoped that efforts on their behalf by missionaries, the United States Congress, and the Supreme Court would protect their claims, only to be overwhelmed by the power of the Governor of Georgia and the President of the United States. When troops were sent to remove them, they were torn by the urge to resist, but ultimately were compelled to resign to their fate. Perhaps they felt that it would be less painful. In addition to facing these life-threatening forces, Rise encounters the many challenges of growing up, seeking answers to the many questions that lie between childhood and adulthood, learning that often there are no answers, only decisions. The story is well told.

Chris Trowell
Professor Emeritus, South Ga. College Douglas, Ga.
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